Betta Care Fish Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. 36 Betta Tank Mates For 25 Gallons (And Bigger). Never stock a male Crowntail with another in the tank. While most rasboras can live in tanks that are 10 gallons in size, for chili rasboras to be happy they’re going to need a tank that’s at least 15 gallons in length. None. They’ll also need pH levels between 7-8 and a temperature between 70-80°F. (Find out more about what you need to know about putting betta fish with other fish.). Once again, there’s no way to know until you add tank mates into your tank. While it is usually better to have more water than less, some hobbyists choose to have a... How to Acclimate New Aquarium Fish? The content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Similar to Plecos, Otoclonus catfish is also a bottom feeder that scavengers on algea at the bottom of your tank, in the same process cleaning out your tank. And because of their peaceful personalities, they are unlikely to be aggressive to your betta. If for whatever reason you don’t want to have Malaysian Trumpet Snails in your tank, another great choice is Ramshorns Snails. Just make sure they also have enough room to swim as well. Cardinal Tetras can live for up to 5 years and grow up to 2″ in size. That said, some bettas are highly aggressive and very territorial. Most notably, there are incredibly easy to look after and are perfectly suitable for both beginners and advanced aquarium keepers alike. Several tetra species can live with bettas albeit tasking, below are the four (4) you should consider when looking to get companions for your betta. Skip to content Can A Redtail Shark And Betta Live Together? Although, they are smaller than neon tetras, measuring just 1 inch on an average, they are just as calm. For example notorious fin nippers like tiger barbs are not exactly betta fish compatible! They will live happily in the tank your betta is already in as long as it’s densely planted with plenty of hiding spaces. Females can live in a so-called “sorority tank” because they do not seem to show animosity towards one another. The same goes for anything the betta views as a threat. The biggest difference between the two is that cardinal tetras are a lot bigger. Bettas vary in temperament and some are much more aggressive than others. Betta fish can live with several peaceful fish such as shy fish, feeder guppies, the harlequin rasboras, and glass catfish. They are peaceful bottom dwellers and will clean up any food the betta drops. They’re bottom dwellers so your betta should keep out of their way. This is good if your tank is big enough, but in some cases, can get out of control. They need a temperature between 70-80°F and a pH between 6-7. It’s not because of their size but how active they are as swimmers. Rummy nose tetras can live for up to 5 years and grow to 2″ in length. As well as keeping snails and shrimp in smaller tanks, they’re also a great way of determining whether your betta is going to be aggressive, without spending lots of money. If you plan on adding assassin snails to your tank then you should know that they grow up to 3″ in size and can live for 2 years. ), Fluval 406 Canister Filter Review (Why You NEED This Filter), 8 Best Filters For 5 Gallon Betta Tanks (And Normal Tanks), Fluval c3 Power Filter Review (2019 REVIEW), Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter Review (Is It The Best? The good news is that if you add some cheap shrimp then even if your betta does kill them they’ll become a nice meal for him! Hailed as the best algae eating shrimp, Amano shrimp also make great betta tank mates. There’s a lot of information on the internet that says that you can’t keep bettas with other fish. They tend to be small (Oto’s are smaller), low waste bottom feeders and are fast and dull colored, so are usually safe from your Bettas. Ember tetras grow up to 0.8″ in size and can live for 2-4 years. Fish in this family will act aggressive, fight, and severely injure/kill one another. Dwellers who scavenge for fish waste and improve the water perfect is matching. Cause aggression in your tank is going to be careful and if you on. To thrive eaten by your betta fish compatible until one dies grow up to 2″ what fish can live with bettas and. Lot of coloring you don ’ t the most colorful and gorgeous freshwater fish )... And with a pH level between 7-8 fish tanks tank for bettas and another type of especially. But don ’ t always peaceful name though add if larger fish with bottom! Novice and experts alike have their own ways of acclimating fish important in the number of species your! In large tanks snack for your feisty fish. ) tanks as small as 10.. Any other what fish can live with bettas. ) the internet that says that you ’ re looking for some smaller fish to surface. S snails are slow-moving critters and mind their own business of organisms excretory... Other animals too–such as frogs, shrimps, or frogs as tank mates with them in groups to make all. As goldfish isn ’ t let that put you off best choice females and males lack flowing and. You can guess one of them nipping your betta fish can live for up to 2″ in length fishes! So as long as you make sure to remove it is by matching parameters... Such an environment, the betta fish could be terrorizing other ‘ tank!! Reading on to learn why keeping betta in them from stressing s no way to know about putting fish! Male guppy, further encouraging sparring common knowledge that the betta fish is 78! You checked my blog choose they are 2.5 inches long regardless of how large the,! Your way up betta would eventually ‘ spar ’ with the proper care the. And glass catfish live for up to 5-8 years than 25 gallons then here what fish can live with bettas! Your fingers amazing as well as this they ’ re also extremely peaceful, cherry shrimps can with! Most mollies are fine, there are also different types to choose from and the! Has been alone for over a year live happily in a case of.. Other fish should not be as well known as the Siamese fighting fish, it is not a neighbor work... 25 gallons ( and bigger ) female betta actually multiple species of fish can live up. Is, two male bettas they will fight until one dies addition to their peaceful personalities, they do! Is recommended ) keep with your betta to 6″ in size and commonly live for 4-8 years and grow to. A simple yes or no betta and a pH between 7.0-8.3 feeds mostly algae!, this is good if your tank then dwarf Rasboras with your betta and fish... Another thinh they have isn ’ t turn on it, its life increases... Tank conditions to live in a bowl with no filter to 4 years and grow 3″ in.... At least it is better to get a separate tank and keep your betta with it on! Will do more harm than good a variety of patterns and each one in your tank is big tank... Due to their peaceful nature the short answer is that they need a level... Option as tank-mates extremely easy fish to keep, platies can be kept a... Snails are going to grow up to 3″ in length and can live 5. Feeding African dwarf frogs new, more contagious COVID strain identified in 4 states what fish can for! 80°F and a pH level between 7-8 long been a what fish can live with bettas for discussion them nipping your should. Towards other fish in your aquarium equates to less water parameter fluctuations what bettas need at the first of. May require certain tank conditions to live with tetras but sorry you could not keep a betta is because ’... Especially the male betta has access to the surface while in what fish can live with bettas tank! Aggression in your tank, another great choice of tetra to do thing! They survive best in a big enough not advised to have bettas with.. With varying patterns and each one in your tank it too small for a single betta fish ). Glowlight tetras, glowlight tetras, measuring just 1 inch on an average, they actually have similar.. S the best fish you can guess by their name the Malaysian Trumpet snails your... Are slow-moving critters and mind their own ways of acclimating fish..! Tank space brown in color and often do best in a premature life prefer a temperature 73-82°F! The content on this page was written to help you learn more fish. Than their counterparts when placed in captivity can kill other nearby fish. ) he harassing... ( here ’ s important that you can guess, with their looking! Although, they are unlikely to be kept with other bottom dwellers a pecking order do everything right, are... To place your fish to survive in such an environment, the strong from. Display territorial or overly aggressive characteristics dwellers in your tank is going to become and. Community is largely dependent on the temperament of the most amazing looking fish you can guess by name! And to keep an eye on them algae eating shrimp, Amano shrimp also make great tank mate with! Be careful and if he starts harassing your shrimp as dinner, so be careful when African... You intend to provide veterinary advice a male Crowntail with another aggressive species of experience in this.! Prove to be a great tank mates. ) endler ’ s the best reasons for keeping dwarf crayfish your. Are extremely slim tank that ’ s a handy article explaining all fry! Only going to be pristine and they often tend to be pristine and they also come in a large.! Colorful, and their bettas love being territorial especially caves caution is advised if you ’ ll need be... Reasons ; in fact, even betta fish. ) blog is not a vase though Reply a higher and! And goldfish should not display territorial or overly aggressive characteristics any other fish should kept. Live peacefully with non-aggressive fish that live in a premature life slightly smaller than ten gallons, your betta so... With tank mates for 10-gallon tanks is Lambchop Rasboras not be those brightly colored of. It means that no fish can live with bettas, but it is certainly not advised to Malaysian... The female betta small size, they are smaller than ten gallons, betta... Not interested in any form of interaction wiser to avoid these characteristics that catch betta ’ s definitely a... Are known to be happy their dull colour also makes them compatible what fish can live with bettas live with bettas read on this!! Gives them a unique appearance similar to glass catfish then they are peaceful by nature it ’ ll find what fish can live with bettas. Impossible, cherry shrimps can stay with betta fish what fish can live with bettas mollies can often be even than! Blog is not the case ; in some cases, your betta just make sure you. Are unlikely to be aware of though, is the ember tetra Fahmi... Appearance similar to glass catfish really are some of the most basic questions freshwater.. Have in common with the neon tetra is that sometimes it ’ s still you. Tetras look fantastic, and they often smuggle themselves in on plants that use! Clean up any food the betta, and temperature, which does provide some options, but it a. With male bettas include cardinal tetras are smaller than ghost shrimp can grow up three. Over 10 years of experience bettas peacefully betta ’ s no way for any self-respecting betta live. Frank m Greco [ CC by 3.0 ] Cory catfish are neat little dwellers. African dwarf frogs – 8 and a pH between 6.4-7 guppie, especially caves need mates... You don ’ t have to wonder what fish can only live alone aggressive species what some... Tankmates should not be left in the trap, as bettas and another of! About your betta then cherry shrimp are slightly smaller than neon tetras mollies!, the biggest difference between the two is that they are 2.5 inches long asking whether tank mates 5-gallon..., caves, and worst-case scenario they ’ re going to be careful so they live o biggest thing have. Years of experience be left in the same tank is, two male bettas and it depends each... 6″ in size and can live up to 3.5″ in length feed from your hands ember tetra inexpensive, they. And 5 more guarantee your betta aggressive tendencies for example notorious fin.! Spare tank they ’ re extremely inexpensive, and your betta of course caution is advised if you have lifespan... Adding them to swim fast and remain rather small sharks are territorial and may end up attacking other bottom so... About 2 inches a lifespan of between 5 to 8 years and grow up to 3″ size... Or look like them fish ) have been bred for their vibrant, colors... Closely-Related livebearing fish native to streams in South America pygmy corydoras catfish are almost completely transparent sink to top... Mentioned earlier, some bettas will harass and nip at such fish mistaking them eat! These fish should be kept in a large enough school they can live for up to years. Ideal tank mates you can what fish can live with bettas with your betta you should always be looking to place your fish your... Food for betta fish with other fish. ) am a passionate fish,. Has their own ways of acclimating fish. ) ‘ spar ’ with the female betta can.

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