If it does, parry it and go for a three-hit combo, but make sure to immediately dodge after that as it usually recovers from a parry with an unblockable attack. Hop across the last few sets of vines on the right side. You’ll see a large doorway on the far side. If you’re managing to whittle down the Trooper’s stamina bar, but they back off, use Push. Return to where the scene ended and continue onto the open door here. This page will show all the locations of Force Echoes that you can find in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Walk forward and exit the corridor through the hatch in the ceiling ahead. When the opportunity presents itself, have BD-1 serve as a distraction while you take care of the pilots. It’ll often follow this attack up with its spit attack, which is very quick and can’t be blocked. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Helped me 100% maps Edit: theres 2 echos near the lightsaber bench, one is the dead wookie on the stuck blade that doesn't spin. If you manage to parry the attack, it will actually perform a block without any of the pushback of a proper parry. Use the wheel segment as a wall and run across it. After defeating your first Wyyyschokk, find the workbench in the corner and do some work on BD-1 to get the Overcharge ability. Wait for them to attack, then parry and counter-attack. Three Troopers will rush out on to the bridge, but you should be able to destroy the bridge before they ever have a chance to open fire. When you reach the right end of the second beam, jump across to the next section of the wall to the right and climb up. All Overcharge spots have the same type of panel, but they may appear on different walls and columns. What's up guys, here we have all the IMPERIAL OCCUPATION databank entries on Kashyyyk!TIMELINE: 1. share. It can also insert a hug or grab attack into the combo that can’t be blocked and deal huge damage. Follow the slide down. Start hitting it with the anti-vehicle shots as often as possible and feel free to pepper it with the small blasters in between. Once you’ve got a handle on what its attacks look like, try to bait out the attack that allows you to parry for a one-hit kill. The orange and yellow shirt soldiers are friendlies, so try to avoid shooting them as you take out every Stormtrooper, vehicle, and structure you can find. Wave 4 – Wave four is the hardest. Keep going counter-clockwise around the outside of the AT-AT until you reach the rear. You’ll see a Scout and a Purge Trooper by the ledge on the far side. When you press down on the D-Pad, it will turn on the crane and move the zip line. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Continue in the direction you were going, take a left, then turn right to enter the building. Sort by. I've gotten all 27 chests and 5 secrets. Try to regain your bearings. When this happens, the counter-attack can be parried, but it can’t be blocked. Jump off there and Push the huge tube being held by the crane to make a bridge across the gap ahead. Activate it once to turn on a distant elevator. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Imperial Refinery 96% | Kashyyyk 100% exploration guide. This will take you back out into the open. Wave 2 – This wave is just four Stormtroopers. Activating the panel once will cause something to turn on, and then you won’t be able to use the panel again. Stand in front of the door and turn left. Walk across the huge log leading down to the left. This enemy can be fairly easily defeated if you’ve had some practice against regular Wyyyschokks. If you can rush in and start landing attacks outright, that’s great, but don’t be shy about using the Force to maintain that opening. As soon as you arrive at Kashyyyk, you’ll find yourself in a tricky situation. Continue past them to the wall directly ahead. Kill the enemies around it to have plenty of space to deal with this enemy. Look back atop the walls we just used to find aForce Echo on the left we can interact with for a Databank entry [Kashyyyk: Insurgent Activity #1]. On the other side, turn right, hop across the small gap in the catwalk, and run across the rotating platform by using Slow. Jump up and climb along the wall at the end of the catwalk. You just finished Zeffo, so there's not much to do there. They often aren’t fast enough to recover their defenses after a series of attacks. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Kashyyyk - Meet Tarfful and Mari . save. Interact with the creature - the Ninth Sister… Imperial Stormtroopers were dispatched to fend off incoming attacks from local wildlife. It can be a bit difficult to complete the whole thing at first. This is too easy. One of the attacks has the Wyyyschokk trying to hit you with its pincers. If you don’t kill them outright, immediately back up. It should fall before long, and you’ll take a right towards an Imperial base. Focus on the Security Droid and try to beat it down enough to slice it. Once you have this rhythm down, you should be able to get a couple hits, dodge the spit, parry the second attack, and score a few more hits. With that sorted, although the multi-layered 3D maps can get confusing, you shouldn’t encounter any similar degree of trouble when it comes to maxing out other areas on Kashyyyk or around the rest of the Star Wars galaxy. Climb from the lower-left piece to the upper right corner. The Empire is slowly destroying everything on this planet. Let the enemy spit all over the ground and avoid that spot. A ship will come and drop an AT-ST where the four Stormtroopers were dropped. Hop into the pit and run towards the workbench to be greeted by your first natural denizen of Kashyyyk, the Wyyyschokk. All purge troopers are tough, and using only one method of dealing damage will often cause the fight to take far longer, giving you more chances to make a mistake and get hit. Step on the white lights of the elevator to be taken up to the roof. There’s a pole sticking out into the gap from your platform. At this point, take note of the Trooper Commander on the raised platform to the right. They are also sometimes binary. Once it gets close to passing the ground you’re standing on, press the button again to stop it. There’s a terminal just as you come out of the doorway that BD-1 can Overcharge. Just make sure not to get caught in the blast yourself. Run across the wall and check the top of the crate on the far end for the Slave Collar Force Echo. If you’re a completionist, after finishing the main campaign in Jedi: Fallen Order you’ve probably taken to scouring all of the available planets from top to bottom in hopes of achieving 100% explored status. From here, it’s a simple case of clambering the short distance to the top and then following the walkway over to your left. Either way, resume the pattern. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order … Kashyyyk - Imperial Refinery. Kashyyyk Maps 100% for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Go through the door and ride the elevator down. Climb up and follow the path behind it. When it shoots it at you, it will split into three pieces making a cone shape. Climb to the top of the vines and keep sliding to the right. This part of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide is dedicated to the Force Echoes you can find on the planet Kashyyyk. When you’re ready, hop across the platform in the middle and confront the Scout Commander. If both are coming for you and neither is giving you your preferred attack, just dodge until they do. From the save point, turn right and find the mud with tracks in it leading to the edge. If you can get far enough back, they won’t be able to hit you. You start in the place where the main character was moved by the Shyyyo bird (Chieftain's Canopy location). If you want to layer on the damage, when you dodge, if you’re close enough, perform a heavy attack. It's time for the first potential detour. When in doubt, feel free to dodge and counter in this fashion. The planet is currently embroiled in a war between the Resistance and the Empire. Interact with it to get a double-blade lightsaber(this lightsaber can also be obtained by finding the secret workshop on Bogano). Use Force Push to destroy the broken door within and take the log bridge. In the room beyond are two Stormtroopers and a Trooper Commander. As you approach, be careful of where you shoot as there are quite a few brightly colored troopers below mixed in with the white armored Imperials. Go down the hatch. During the era of the Empire, Saw Gerrera and his Partisans planned to enter the refinery and free enslaved Wookiees. After that, it really only has one other attack. The last attack is a pounce attack that is unblockable so dodge a second after you see it coming. As you proceed, you’ll see an AT-ST in the distance, which should fall quickly with anti-vehicle shots. Don’t do this. You can ignore the cave near where the Commander was as it leads back up to the previous force echo. Go to the nearby elevator and take it down. You’ll come across two Flame Beetles and a new enemy called a Slyyyg. Look up from the meditation point, depicted by two circles on the map, and you should just about see an easy-to-miss climbable grate. Walkthrough The Imperial Refinery of Kashyyyk Detours. Go to the railing at the end of the platform. When you are ready, head towards the bird visible from a distance. Their numbers should have dwindled. While you have the element of surprise on your side, focus on the Flametroopers. Run out onto the catwalk and turn left. If you get hit by the unblockable charge, it will grab you in a bear hug and lift you into the air before slamming you to the ground for huge damage. Do the same with the Scout if you want. If it is, parry that attack. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. When you walk into the room, a Security Droid will attack. Hit a Flame Beetle to kill it. Turn it off to stop the central platform at a 45-degree angle so that you can jump diagonally across from platform to platform. Jump across the gap and climb up to reach the far doorway. Go into the room and Push the broken door at the other end to reach another section of the jungle. Check the workbench for an upgrade to BD-1 that allows him to slice weakened Security Droids so that they fight for you, then cut the rope to the left to create a shortcut. This will put you above the Troopers who should now be fighting or have fought two Wyyyschokks. On the far catwalk, turn right and inspect the large red canisters for the Sap Barrels scan. Do as much damage as possible, but as soon as you see grenades drop, back off. After a burst of flame, the weapon will get hot and have to stop. There are 5 Imperial Tech Force Echoes Databank collectible entries and they are all on Planet Kashyyyk. The explosion can do quite a bit of damage to even the most stubborn enemies, so use this to your advantage against otherwise tough enemies. After that, find that Overcharge panel and activate it. Once you’re situated, Cal will be looking downward. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Do that and then play a patient game with the Wyyyschokks. After disembarking, chat with Cere and Greez a couple of times before continuing on. You can wait this out as long as you like, but enemies tend to focus on you if you attack anything in the area, so it’s not really feasible to try to work down both sides as they fight each other. This will open that door. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your stance on the matter), there's actually only one secret in the Imperial … Do so. Immediately turn left and use the Save Point. Once it does, it will help you fight. Thankfully, the Slyyyg is quite slow. For many, however, the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk is standing stubbornly in their way. Slow obviously works quite a bit, but you can also use powers like Push to keep them off balance. The trouble is that in this small space, it can be hard to get the AT-ST to face you. level 1. At the bottom, go straight through the door directly ahead to reach the Mantis. Jump to the vine and swing out over the four Stormtroopers. If you’re a completionist, after finishing the main campaign in … When you’re ready, run across the metal wall near the gap. When you hit the button again, it will turn off, but the crane will still move for a moment with its remaining momentum. When you reach the top, visit the Save Point. This page will show all the locations of Cosmetic Chests that you can find in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You’ll have to take this enemy down a little at a time. Start walking towards the AT-AT in the distance and aim for the head. At the top, jump to the next platform and Push the Scout into the drink. Three swings and a dodge. A ship will drop two troopers to the left and two more to the right. This will result in the body exploding and dealing damage to nearby enemies. Turn left to look back at the way you came down the hill. BD-1 allows you to scan various elements to obtain information. If you’re one of the players having Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Imperial Refinery 96% exploration issues, then we’ve got your back. You’ll be successful once you’ve taken this ship down. The Commander seems content to hang at the back rather than engaging, so you might as well take advantage of that to thin their ranks. There’s a speeder bike in one of the walls of the room you land in. If you go for three, there’s a decent chance you’ll get hit again. It can get close and hit you or even cause a damaging explosion (it will glow red first), but they aren’t generally aggressive. Wave 3 – Immediately following that, a ship will drop two Scouts near where you first found the Wookie. If you’re done with it, you can still destroy it to get the XP for it. Kashyyyk – Cargo Pad Collectibles. Continue around the corner and pull yourself up into the booth. When it does, you have a moment to get in to attack this enemy. Hit the two Beetles and back off. Remember not to swing three times unless you feel extremely confident in your ability to defend against a very hard counter-attack. Climb up the mesh and go through the large doorway. Turn away from where those three enemies were to find a small doorway. At that point, back off and play the ranged game against it as best you can. The Slyyyg is a giant slug that spits molten saliva and has a ram’s head. Jump to the first rope and turn right while hanging from it to see another rope. Not all BD-1 allows you to scan various elements to obtain information. Location of Imperial Tech Force Echoes on Planet Kashyyyk in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. We’re headed back to Zeffo. You have some control of steering this beast of a machine, but it can only go forward for the most part. Parry the Scout for a quick kill and then take out the Stormies. If not, dodge again. Turn left and cross the huge log to the next platform. Treat these enemies like souped-up versions of Scout Commanders. Cut the vines and stay to the left again. Press forward, and he’ll climb down the speeder bike to the corridor below. When the Wyyyschokk keeps at a distance and starts moving its front legs, it’s putting together a web ball. Repeatedly press the button that appears on screen to break free. This will take you up behind a Trooper on a ledge. Target the Purge Trooper first and Push him clear off the ledge to his death. At the top, hop to the vines hanging down from the undercarriage. There’s a white ledge that you can scoot around to make to the right side of the walker. There are two regular attacks for the Wyyyschokk, as well as a web-spitting attack and a pounce. Get to the top and sprint towards the small gap ahead. Parrying this will give you a slight damage boost on the first attack, and you can usually complete a full combo before it recovers. The wheel near the gap will start rotating. Inspect that for the Wyyyschokk Eggs scan. At the base, start shooting at the Troopers and take out the large, cylindrical turrets as well. Security Droids have a basic three-hit combo that they can stop at any time that ends in an uppercut. They make use of long combos and huge stamina bars to be a huge thorn in your side. Who knows or cares! When they finish a flurry of attacks, try to counter-attack to score a hit. Continue straight through the doors and drop down the rope to the Meditation Point. You’re free to go whenever you like. After your meeting, you’ll be pointed directly at an open door with a rebel trooper standing next to it. She’ll tell you that the two of them will find the Wookie you’re looking for. Run to the left side and hop down to the next level. Just beyond the AT-ST will be a bridge a little higher up. Instead, turn left from there to find a small metal ledge. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Kashyyyk Imperial Refinery Secrets. When you pull yourself up, take a moment. Head into the structure when you’re ready and go through to the far side. When you reach the mesh, slide to the left under the Troopers in the booth having a conversation about boots. In this room, push open the busted door and kill the Stormtrooper. If you turn left while look at the door, you’ll see a trio of troops chatting. They encountered fiercer resistance than they were prepared for. After a combo, dodge the next attack. The Jedi, the Witch, and the Strange Door. You’ll need to use double jump (an ability that Kal didn’t have on his first visit, which is probably why nobody looked up there) to reach it then hit LT or L2 to latch on. When you reach the top, inspect the bars of the prison cell to get the Refinery Cells scan. Let them explode, then scan their bodies to get the Flame Beetle tactical data. If you can parry THIS attack, you’ll receive a prompt to perform an attack. As you walk into the hollow, you’ll be attacked by an Albino Wyyyschokk. After that, get some distance from the second one and clean up the easier enemies in the area. (This one is super easy to miss.). This is a good point for the achievement Triple Take. But in the menu, under Databank, down to Kashyyyk, I'm missing 2 of the Imperial Occupation logs (#5, #7) It should be something BD-1 can scan somewhere, but I've been looking all over the Refinery … You’re in control of the AT-AT with BD-1 as your copilot, though you’re mostly on your own with this one. One of the many side effects from the refining process. Finally, go into the small tunnel nearby and open the door to get back to where the trooper and Wookie are standing. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Imperial Refinery (Image credit: EA) Swing across and you’ll see a Rebel soldier on standing on a high ledge. Ignore the Flametroopers as the Wookie will keep them busy. 5 comments. The Imperial Refinery was a refinery on Kashyyyk, in which the Galactic Empire created a powerful compound from wroshyr tree sap. What I would do is just Google "imperial refinery echo jedi fallen order" watch the videos that come up and see where to go. At the Cargo Pad you can find the Force Echoes Imperial Tech 2 – Gonk Droid and Insurgent Activity 7 – Weapon Cache. Take the … Turn towards the metal walls ahead and run across them. It's time for the first potential detour. When this enemy is defeated, Saw will open up the vents just to the right of the door out of here. Why? Don’t be worried if this takes you several tries. Turn right to find a doorway blocked by some hanging cables. 84% Upvoted. They may be regular grenades (which aren’t a huge threat) or an electric trap. Hop to the lower level, but don’t enter the refinery yet. Line up the zip line so you can slide down to the other side, then turn right to return back to the Trench. After defeating the Security Droid, try using the terminal again to free some Wookies. Walk through the middle of the bridge to reach the base. Once again, find the small path and cut through the vines. Killing just one of the two groups will make your life easier, but if you nail it, you can call all four before they can do anything. Walk across the thick vine to reach a Save Point. Once it’s defeated, check the terminal by the window to free the Wookies. Get close and start swinging. Wave 4 – Wave four is the hardest. At the end of the hallway, you can take the elevator down to find a chest containing the Passion and Strength II Sleeve. This will put you on a platform just above two Flame Beetles. It’s fairly easy to bait out the charging attacks. As you approach, he’ll be blasted out by a fighter. Dodging the other attacks is a pretty safe strategy. The Imperial Refinery is a refinery found on the planet Kashyyyk. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough. Freeze the blades and run across. Move along the path on the far side and stay to the left. That means that more attacks will follow behind it. If the Wookie and/or the Security Droid are still alive, they’ll likely draw the attention of the Scouts, allowing you to get behind them for an easy kill. Walkthrough with Maps for Kashyyyk Planet in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with location of Puzzles, Secrets, Chests, Databank Force Echoes, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs, Force Essence, Life Essence and Terrarium Seeds, Enemies and Legendary Beasts to Scan for Tactical Guide. report. After that, take your time and use the wide-open space to learn what this enemy’s attacks look like. There will be a giant wheel at the end of a busted catwalk. Use R2/RT to fire anti-personnel blasters and L2/LT to fire large anti-vehicle blasters. Another recommendation is to check the workbench. When we regain control of Cal we’ll be at the Cargo Pad. As soon as you regain control, rather than proceeding, instead turn around. Return back out of the hollow the way you came in. Go inside. Hop across the cells to the right and climb to the doorway above. Go through it and open the small Door to create a shortcut. Wait a moment and then dodge just before it shoots, and make sure not to step on the webbing that forms on the ground. Go straight and get to the meditation spot - this will activate Eno Cordova's hologram. In Jedi Fallen Order, Kashyyyk is going to be the third planet that you visit on your journey after Chapter 2 and it is still under the war between Resistance and the Empire. While some areas like the Venator Wreckage on Zeffo being absolutely packed full of chests and the like, you might be forgiven for assuming that the same would apply to Kashyyyk in the case of the Imperial Refinery. With your enemies all defeated, Slice the nearby chest to find the Passion and Strength Lightsaber Switch. Because of its large size, if you dodge to the side, it's usually very easy to follow up with a heavy attack if you have the Force energy. After the first Meditation Point of the Imperial Refinery, use the Force to create a bridge and go on before looking to your right to find vines that hide a parallel access. There’s enough room in the grating of the wall that you can reach the speeder. After defeating the last of the enemies, check the corner of the area against the trees to find a chest containing the Doonium Lightsaber Material. When you’re done meditating, turn towards the huge gap in the middle of the room. They are very aggressive and have long combos, but this also means that they can sometimes carry themselves right past you as you sidestep, allowing you to counter-attack behind their defenses. If it was an unblockable attack, then it’s likely that the next attack will be using its pincers. This will take you into the Forest Trench. Stick to the left wall, and you should see a small path leading off the main path. When you get on top, start making your way to the back of the AT-AT. Return back up and head back towards the water. Swim up to the AT-AT in the distance. Climb around the vine beard at the front of the walker. After it is dead, make sure to scan it to get the Wyyyschokk tactical data. Immediately focus on taking down this ship and attack its nose the same way you did with the AT-AT earlier.

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